Pear's Gourmet Overview


I guess you could call it the 90 year success story. The success of Pear’s Gourmet did not happen overnight; it has been years in the making and is still going strong.

Today, the brand is the result of leveraging great products from across two highly successful brands -- Pear’s Coffee and Herman’s Nuts and looking for ways to create marketing synergies for our Consumer Direct Business.

So, Pear’s Gourmet became the brand for all of our consumer direct marketing efforts as well as for the Pear’s Coffee brand which is well known in grocery retail. Today, the Pear’s Gourmet coffee brand can be found in hundreds of retail establishments, foodservice distributors, restaurants, bars, etc.  And Pear’s Gourmet on-line presence allows us to ship tens of thousands of gifts each year both domestically and internationally, especially around the holiday season.

Pear’s Gourmet gifts has a very wide selection of items that range from gourmet cheese, cookies, candy, many kinds of gourmet nuts, of course, coffee. Nevertheless, Pear’s Gourmet has a signature item – the Colossal Cashew – in fact our cashews are becoming famous. As of 2007, Pear’s Gourmet Colossal Cashews have been featured on the Dr. Phil holiday give-aways program for three consecutive years.