Direct Store Delivery

At Marathon Distribution, a division of Marathon Ventures, Inc., we are the direct store distributor for the Omaha-Lincoln-Council Bluffs market. Marathon Distribution has a long history of delivering a variety of products and has built strong relationships with the grocery trade in this regional area. All routes are company-owned using state of the art handheld technology to drive efficiencies. We’ve carried items as diverse as BBQ sauce, pop, cookies, pastries, etc., and are currently carrying a variety of nuts, coffees, popcorn, chips, salsas, pretzels and meat snacks.

We have also aligned ourselves with a network of DSD partners. Through this network, our coverage currently includes a 13 state area. (See map below.)

If you are looking for a strong distributor in this market, please contact us via email or by phone at 1-800-828-7688.