In 1915, Herman Mirowitz, with nothing more than an idea and hard work, started a company based on the philosophy of providing great products and great service. Herman’s strong work ethic and business philosophy served the company well through the years as the guiding principles fueling our company growth and diversification.

Today, Marathon Ventures, Inc. is a full-service food and beverage processing/manufacturing, packaging and marketing company.  Located in the heartland of the United States, in Omaha, Nebraska, we are excited to be serving businesses and consumers across the entire country.

In addition to serving our business to business clients via our private label, contract packaging, contract manufacturing and food service business segments, Marathon Ventures, Inc. maintains a growing family of direct to consumer brands in a variety of categories including nuts, coffee, popcorn, fruit and candy:


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While our website provides a good introduction to the range of products and services we are capable of providing, don’t hesitate to contact us directly to discover how we can satisfy your specific business needs.